Bible Challenge 


Reading Luke and Acts in February

Dear Theophilus or lover of God,
So begins the Gospel to Luke as well as the Acts of the Apostles!

With more than a month to go until Lent and the winter well settled in, Sydney and I have decided to offer the congregation a joint mission: To spend February reading the books of Luke and Acts. Both Luke and Acts are addressed to Theophilus or God-lover. Based on this, we might therefore assume that Luke, who is author of both books, wanted people who love God to discover and love God even more as they discover what God has done through Jesus and the Church. With Valentines right in the middle, what better month than February for us to sit down with our Bibles, read these books over again?

There are 24 chapters in Luke and 28 in the book of Acts. One way you might read through both in the 28 days of February is by reading two chapters a day and one on Sundays. We will leave you to figure out what works best for you but we hope you will take up the invitation to be part of this project.

Please let us know if you are going to take this on. Sydney and I will send out an email each Wednesday with some things to think about and a word of prayer and encouragement too. We look forward to you sharing any questions that arise and any insights that you have.

To get you started here is something to think about:

If you read Luke and Acts closely and side by side one thing you will begin to see is how the life of Jesus that is described in Luke is closely paralleled in the life of the early church that is described in Acts. For example, Jesus is conceived by the Holy Spirit in Luke and in the book of Acts the church itself is born in the power of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost. Baptism plays an important part in the early life of both. As you read, pay attention to the Holy Spirit and what it is doing? And look for other themes or ideas that are returned by the author in each book.

Thanks again for taking up this challenge.

Stay in touch. We will be praying for you.

In Christ,
Karen and Sydney