Today's theme was mainly about temptation but the subtext for me was "for what do you hunger?" The Bible tells us man cannot live by bread alone and that led me to reflect on those things for which I yearn.  

I love the stories I hear in church, not only biblical but illustrative as well.  I love to hear how these stories reflect on stories from the Bible.

I love to hear the music, most especially the magnificent rendition of "For the Beauty of the Earth" the combined choirs gave us as a gift this morning.

And I love to hear the Word, even when it is challenging text as noted in our reading today (Matthew 4: 1-17).  It leads me to understand that temptation or "the ends justify the means" is around me at all times.  With the help of God, I can try to remember Jesus' words in reaction to these temptations and work towards emulating his choices.

Laura M.