A very important funeral

This morning we welcomed Reverend Bob Hill back to pulpit.  It is always a pleasure to listen to his sermons, as he delivers a clear message infused with humour.  The title of the sermon, “A very important funeral”, was aptly named as he challenged us to “bury” the notion of living in the past and being focused on“what might have been”.  He suggested that we go forward in faith, be open to new ideas, and take risks both individually and as a congregation.  Otherwise, we fail to grow in our relationship with God.   In my own life, taking risks is not something that comes naturally to me, but I have been shown that I need to take these risks in order to respond to God’s call.  As we go forward as a congregation, I pray that his message may be an inspiration to us all.

Reverend Hill has urged us to “bury ‘no’ and resurrect ‘yes’” .  He even offered to conduct the “funeral” free of charge, and as good Presbyterians, that is an offer too good to refuse!

Heather F.