Blog from Scots Kirk, Paris

Office_12 by  Jason Jones on Flickr .

Office_12 by Jason Jones on Flickr.

This morning, I shared greetings from St. Andrew's Ottawa and was asked to take the greetings of the Scots Kirk in Paris and Rev. Cowie back to Ottawa.

The sermon was entitled 'A Covenant Relationship'.  For the children, Rev. Cowie used a paper plate and a paper clip and asked the children what would happen if he turned it over.  He then used a magnet on the back of the paper plate and asked what would happen if he tried the same thing. 

He could not stump them!  He explained that a magnet attracts things are metal.  The most powerful 'magnet' in the world is Jesus' love.  Like the paper clips, some are attached strongly, others dangle because they are stuck to another clip and still others fall.  With God's love we cannot break the covenant even if we fail or fall.

Jeanie H.