Blue Christmas

In gathering together during the darkness and cold of winter, we wait expectantly for  the Christ Child and open our hearts to God’s loving presence and healing power.  Join us December 21st, at 7:30 p.m.

A Service of Light in the Midst of Darkness

There are many of us who approach the days of Christmas with mixed feelings. During these weeks of December as we are bombarded by preparations, gift buying, colourful decorations and endless “holiday” music, we may find ourselves remembering with sorrow times past and loved ones lost. It can be a hurtful and lonely time in the midst of a celebrating world.

In response and care, The Pastoral Care Ministry is again honoured to host The Blue Christmas, a moving service of quiet worship traditionally held on the longest night of the year. Through peaceful meditation, scripture reading, prayer, singing and the lighting of candles, we are invited to open our hearts and souls to God, and prepare to receive the Christ child — the greatest gift our world has ever seen — a gift of hope and healing, love and redemption.

Following this candle lit service in the Sanctuary, we gather together in Grant Hall to enjoy some warm cider and comforting treats while finding assurance and strength in the company of friends.

This special service is a welcome retreat for everyone and especially for those who are experiencing bereavement and other challenges in life. Please come by yourself or with a friend and be with us during this time of peace, encouragement and consolation.