Called to be Saints

During the sermon, the understanding of the foundation of our faith centered on identity inspired me most. Understanding my purpose in life as a Christian is all about my understanding of who I am called to be as a Christ, a member of the body of Christ.

Paul makes it clear to us, that being followers of Christs means more than just attending church. He touches on the importance of the body of Christ. The community of saints, who are called to be ‘different’, special in the eyes of the world. We are called to reflect the image of the living God. 

I would really like to highlight the meaning of Holiness: set apart for something special. God wants us to be Holy. That is his intention from the start, when Adam and Eve were created.  It is our calling. We are made special. 1 Corinthians chapter 3 verse 16, really challenges our understanding of who we are as Christians by asking us if we truly understand how holy we have been made because of the blood that was shed by the son of God for us. 

I really enjoyed Rev. Karen’s attention to the communities during Paul times and how status shaped a person’s interactions in the community. The idea that Christ Jesus would come and challenge everything known to man is brought up in the way the church gathers. It gave me the time to reflect upon the way in which the church behaves today. I reflected upon the interactions I have at work. Working as a teacher in a Islamic Elementary school, continually makes me reflect on my beliefs and my behave. I continually ask the Holy Spirit to let Him live through me so that my life can be the testimony of his word. It’s very challenging to not be able to openly share the word of God. However, the Holy Spirit has made me understand that, it is not necessarily through actual words and conversations that I will testimony of his glory. But, it is in the way I interact with people that will set me apart to be a saint and a follower of Jesus. 

I’ve noticed that, since I have focused on the understanding of who I am called to be, a saint, I have been able to let the actions do the talking. Some kids will immediately say that I am not of their faith because of the way I interact with them. Some are curious enough to ask me questions about my beliefs. I came to understand that the Holy Spirit is the doer and that I am the follower and that is why my interactions at work illustrate the word of God. 

Furthermore, the way in which we represent Christ in our communities, relies on our understand of who we are in Christ Jesus. How do we as Christians, saints, embody the word of God, at work, in our thoughts, in our way of living? The Holy Spirit lives in us for a reason. He is there to guide us in our every step. He is the living word. 

When Rev. Karen, brought up the special tea cups that her friend took out every time they had lunch, it made me think about whether or not I set aside time for God in the same way. How do I set my life apart to spend that special time with God? How do I let God do? Rather than trying to manage my life with God. What things in my life do I set aside for God? That should be everything. We are called to give all of who we are to Christ, as saints, so that we may be made Holy and justified and blameless for judgement day. We are called to be glad in Jesus, as Psalm 40 verse 16 stated. Find the peace and the fullness of life in Christ and all the blessings shall be added on to us. The Holy Spirit lives in us to help us understand what it means to set aside your wisdom and to replace it with the wisdom of God so that you may be Holy. 

Thus, our faith is centered on our Identify in Christ as saints who are called to let the Holy Spirit live through us.

Vanessa N.