Changing perspectives

I'm not sure if you noticed, but the choir played a bit of musical chairs in the loft this morning. (pun intended! ha!) The tenors usually sit facing away from the pulpit, right behind the sopranos. But today they sat facing the pulpit, between the altos and basses.

And it was a bit weird! It took us a moment or two downstairs to figure out the order in which we had to line up to enter the sanctuary - we are so used to doing the same thing every week, to standing near the same people. It was also a bit strange, for me as an alto, to have the tenor notes in my ear instead of the usual bass line. Particularly in things we sing all the time... the gloria patri after the scripture readings sounded completely different to me than it usually does. But it was great! I listened more closely than usual - hearing harmonies I don't usually hear, realizing (in a different way) how my part fit in with the other parts. And all because a few people changed seats.

As I go into this week - a week that looks to be pretty much like any other - I am going to try to listen more carefully for things I don't usually pay attention to, for voices that are quieter than others. This is where I am going to start in trying to love my neighbour this week, to feel the warm daylight of hope in these dark, cold days.

Laura S.