Easter Sunday

Christ is risen...he is risen indeed!  So many lessons are to be learned from our journey during Holy Week and the most important is, of course, today's lesson.  Christ is risen!

It was a great joy to see everyone today, coming together and celebrating such a wondrous event. The service was dedicated to expressing our profound thankfulness for such sacrifice and resurrection.  Rev. Dimock put a very human aspect to her sermon today in relating the story of Paul Lederer and his experiences during a critical time in his life.  She told of the power of touch in our lives, touch both literal and figurative.  The touch that heals, the touch that brings us back to our humanness and to life, the touch of a mother caressing her child's brow with both love and healing.  Throughout Jesus' ministry, He constantly reached out to touch us and to bring us to God's love.  This is the touch that calls us to light and to life.  Remember this and in the busyness of daily life, reflect on how we each can reach out to touch other's lives and bring the same sense of joy to them.

Christ is risen, he is risen indeed.

Laura M.