Easter Traditions and Trade


As Christians we are blessed to celebrate the life and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ.  Much of who we are and what we believe is rooted in the incredible works and lessons of the Master.  He taught us so much in life and who would have believed that his greatest lesson would be from his death and resurrection. His love was so great for us and His Father's love so great that he was allowed to die to cleanse our sins. His resurrection kept the promise of life everlasting for all of us.  This is a very important time for all Christians. At time of reflection, a time of loss, a time of redemption, a time of renewed joy and a time of unbreakable love.

For this special time in our year we give blessing and thanks. It is difficult therefore for us to see what we view as commercialization of this precious time.  Turns out what we see may not have its origin in the commercial nor be as current as we may believe.  Now the Bible certainly did not contain passages about Easter Bunnies and one could be forgiven if it were felt that it was some crass current day commercial tradition.  Turns out the celebration may have originated as long ago as the 13th century in Germany. It is a celebration of rebirth and Easter. The Osterhase delivered colourful eggs to celebrate the rebirth.  The tradition was brought to America but German settlers and the first chocolate bunnies were made hollow to celebrate the emptiness of the tomb.  Eggs were considered a food to give up for and thus to save them they were boiled coloured and then given and eaten in celebration of the rebirth with a special treat.

The Christian custom of Easter eggs, specifically, started among the early Christians of Mesopotamia, who stained eggs with red colouring "in memory of the blood of Christ, shed at His crucifixion.  The oldest surviving decorated egg dates back to the fourth century AD yes it is German.  So while the commercial often overtakes our traditions give a small thought to what they represent and share the joy of the rebirth with all we love.

The Lords blessing of the Promise kept.

Noral R.