This morning, I felt enthralled by The Star and light.
And when our organ’s star sparkled and turned as it was played, I was reminded of the joy and enchantment our daughter and I felt when seeing and hearing it during our first Christmas as members of St. Andrew’s.

Karen reminded us of the unlikely cast of characters chosen to be with Christ at his birth. People who were thought of as being on the fringes of society, animals and such a young mother. But people also filled with faith, and people ready to take risks to follow God’s leading and signs.

Throughout Advent, we prepared ourselves, our families and our homes for the coming of our Saviour. And for 2 short weeks, we have basked in the peace and light of the infant Jesus. But so very soon (next week in fact), our journey with Christ through his adult life will begin.

I pray that I, and that you, may have the courage of the Shepherds and the wisdom of the Magi, and St. Andrew’s and its people are able be lights in our community.

Billie S.