Finding "The Way"


Mid -summer Sunday : blistering hot, dry days unroll daily but finally, today,  rain  is in the forecast .  And so  I go with flow and let the service unroll  and  bring me out of my reverie. Today, numbers are smaller, but yet we connect with our guest Minister .

Our first hymn reconnects me with my high school days  at  Morning worship--  "How sweet the name of Jesus sounds" ---as  lovely today as it was back then   and it still is .  But it is the message " Finding "The Way "  that stirs me .

 Based in  John 13.33-35, 14 ;1-7, we are reminded how many times we have had the "lost way experience"--taking the wrong turn ,confusion at different points of life,  that  spiritually lost feeling-- yea ! Can identify!  Jesus'  disciples  certainly were in that same place of  "the lost feeling"  and then Jesus pointedly declares "I am the way ,no man comes to the Father ,but by me ."  The early Christians were called  "People of the Way". But how  can we find this "Way "?  Perhaps ,it really is a combination of faith and trust in God, a belief in a God who leads us out of the confusion, gives us clarity and "has our back".

Yet,  it is even a little more --Love may just be The Way -- Love is from God, love is God and God is Love .  So finding  the Way must be encased in Love .  So when we  are reminded  to come and follow  Christ , we must first come ---with complete Love --Love  for God ,whom we cannot see and Love for our neighbour whom  we can see.

Beulah P.