From Away: Visiting St. Andrew's Lunenburg

It was a warm welcome and a warm sunny day on the South Shore. The Rev. Dr. Mawhinney began with some thoughts about the refugee crisis and recent photos which touched many. There has always been an issue of the migration of people beginning back with Adam and Eve. The South Shore has had its share of settlers starting in the 1700's. Dr. Mawhinney felt that today this issue has resulted in a certain unanimity with churches taking action.

The sermon, 'The Labour Of Our Hands', and Psalm 90 went well together. We all remember hands - from our parents, a child, a partner or a fisherman. We've all had many jobs over our lifetime and they have helped shape who we have become. Do we live like there is always some other job to do? What does God call us to do? What does God want us to be? Do anything you want and belong to Me.

The reading from 2 Corinthians 12 is one of my favourites. Everyone has a job and all are equally important in God's eyes. There is no job description for following Jesus - bring faith.

Jeanie H.