Mother's Day and Christian Family Day

On this Mother’s Day and Christian Family Day, Rev. Karen shared with us the story of Tabitha, called Dorcas who truly was a woman of faith and discipleship.  As she was telling this story and reflecting on the important role that women play in our lives, it was impossible for my beloved Nan not be a resounding thought in my mind.  As we have our first Mother’s Day without her, I am blessed that I was graced by her presence, love and devotion for so long.  If I think of a woman of faith in my life no question do I think of Nan.  It almost seems fitting that I was called on to write this week’s blog, and as I sit to type this post, I am reminded of the many times I sat down to write Nan letters.  So, in honour of a woman that blessed me with her guidance in my own faith and never-ending love, I wanted to share my memories on this Mother’s Day. 

 I have to say it is hard to sum up 95 years of a woman that, I feel was ahead of her time.  This strong and faithful servant that was involved in many ways within her church throughout her life from the choir, W.M.S, church school teacher to countless other hats she wore.  She was also so much to many people: a companion, a caring aunt and cousin, a loving daughter, a faithful sister, a devoted wife and mother (even was referred to as mom by many others) but to me she was best known as Nan. Our letters would be about anything and everything of what was happening in life or a random thought that I wanted to get her perspective on.  As I came back to my faith over the past few years, it was Nan I went to.  I will always admire how she lived in grace -- her faith through her actions -- I hope to carry on all that she taught me.  While she taught me this, I also learned that through her faith she got strength for life’s hardships.  While it is impossible to sum her up in words, I am blessed by the very special memories we shared from sleepovers, to surprising her with visits, to reading the bible together, to our letters, to sharing her last Communion with her and to just sitting quietly in each other’s company.  I am forever thankful.

Colleen G.