This morning, Huda began by drawing us into the satisfaction of reading, guessing, and finally being told a solution for the mystery genre as entertainment. And led us into the wonder of the mystery of God's grace and gifts to us. Have we come to the solution of the mystery of faith? Do we need to completely understand this mystery to be faithful along our paths as Christians?

Through our study of God's word given to us in the Bible, we work to fully understand the mystery of grace. As a reforming people, will we reach definitive solutions? Perhaps not, but by accepting the promise of the Resurrection, our faith assures us that there is a defined solution, even though we cannot flip to the back page for the complete wrap up.

Throughout our lives, we are called to be still so that glimpses of the wondrous solution are clear for even a fleeting moment. We are called into community to share our stories and experiences to help one another grow in faith. And we are called to know that the mystery of God is a precious gift.

Billie S.