Palm Sunday

Today at St. Andrew's church we celebrated Jesus triumphant entry to Jerusalem. While there was no colt or clothes laid on the floor, the choir sang joyfully while the children of St. Andrew's swept their palm fronds - in a symbolic welcome to the King of Kings. 

The service was in a storytelling format, starting from the entry to Jerusalem, the entrance to the temple and touched on the days that followed Palm Sunday. 

Karen asked the congregation to imagine what it was like for the owners of the colt. The disciples when questioned by the owners of the colt when found untying it - their answer "The Lord needs it". What a wonderful saying. The Lord needs it - that's all it took, and it was readily granted. 

What if we started each week thinking about what God needs from us. May we go through the remainder of holy season meditating on what God needs from us - and as we pray for His Grace to readily grant what God requires.

Koko A.