Palm Sunday


Today we were treated to a play on Jesus’ triumphant entry into Jerusalem. Zacchaeus, Bartimaeus, a woman healed by Jesus, a child and Judas all made an appearance and gave their own impressions and experiences of Jesus. Bartimaeus spoke of the contrast between Pontius Pilot’s procession into Jerusalem and Jesus’ procession. One was all solemn pomp and circumstance. The other was a celebration, humble and full of joyful chaos with the waving of palm leaves and cries of “Hosanna!”.

Nothing highlights better the contrast between the Kingdom of Heaven and the world we live in than the differences in these two processions. Pontius Pilot’s procession was a display of imperial power, representing hierarchy, a division of the rulers and the ruled. Jesus’ procession represented a breaking down of this hierarchy and a recognition of the value of the marginalized. Palm Sunday is a time not just to celebrate his joyful entrance into Jerusalem but to remember the message he was bringing with him, and what he was soon to die for.

Melanie A.