When I first think of peace, I think of calm, quiet, thoughtfulness, serenity. But during this Advent week of peace, the delightful abandon and boisterousness of a few young children, the high spirits and camaraderie of youth, and the smiles brought forth by young parents soothing a baby made me consider that living in security and safety can make “peace” loud and active.

Another preconception of mine is that peace has more to do with nations and governments than individuals.  But Karen reminded me that peace within all relationships--personal, familial, places of worship or work, friends—can be of great effect for peace within our souls.

So peace is multi faceted.  The candles glowing as we enter our sanctuary evoke the calmness of peace for me.

I anticipate advent weeks of Joy and Love, and look forward to reflections from other St. Andreans these weeks.

Billie S.