Mustard seed,  Moominmolly on Flickr .

Mustard seed, Moominmolly on Flickr.

This reformation Sunday, our guest minister, the Rev. Dr. Sarah Travis, preached to us using the parable of the mustard seed.

As it grew to unprecedented size, the mustard seed was able to shelter all manner of beings.  We are challenged to work so that the Kingdom of God is able to grow within and outside of us to similar unprecedented size. Sometimes we feel that God’s Kingdom is simply a seed—not yet showing the potential growth and strength it has.  At other times, we see it growing in small and large ways, but have we yet (or will we ever in our lifetime) see its full growth?

As Christians, we look to the Kingdom of God for hope.  We are daily reminded of the results of natural and man-made disaster.  Yet always, our peace is found in the surety that God is with us always.  There is hope in spite of the hopelessness so often seen around us.  We are called to plant, protect, and then wait.

The Kingdom of God surely is our strength.

Billie S.