Refugee Settlement

A couple of weeks ago a bulletin insert and a short piece in St Andrew’s In Action advised the congregation about ways to support Syrian refugees in the midst of this humanitarian crisis. Since then, our application to sponsor the A. family of three has been accepted by the federal government and forwarded to our embassy in Beirut, Lebanon, for processing. And most recently, the family was interviewed by Canadian officials, and they were told they can now expect to be interviewed again for security purposes and for a medical check.

It is anticipated that this particular sponsorship application process will move quickly given the government’s recent emphasis on processing refugee cases from Syria. While it is difficult to predict the future with accuracy, it is quite likely that the A. family will arrive before this Christmas. In these circumstances it is important to look again at our financial support for this sponsorship through our Millennium Refugee Support Fund. If you have been thinking about financial support for the A. family sponsorship, now is the time to act. I hope you will give this important outreach ministry your prayerful consideration.


If you'd like to help, here are some items we'll be needing to help welcome our family to Canada.

Parents age 30's & child 5 years

Household Furnishings
Queen & Single Beds
Bedside Tables
Queen Sheets
Single Children Sheets
Blankets Queen & Single

Dining Room
Place mats (4-6)
Living Room
Sofas (double & single)
Coffee table, Side tables (2)
T.V. & T.V. stand

Toaster, Kettle
Set of Dishes (plates, bowls, mugs/cups) (4-6)
Cutlery set (for 4-6)
Set of Glasses (6-8)
Serving dishes (Corningware like)
Set of Pots & Pans
Serving spoons

Towels, Bath mats
Bath set – toothbrush holder, soap dish, cups etc.
Toilet brush set, Shower curtain

Winter coat & clothing for Mother (size 8)
Winter coat & clothing for Father (medium)
Winter coat & clothing for Daughter (5 years old)

If you have questions or offerings please call Barbara S. via 613-232-9042




Peter L & Barbara S.