Remembrance Sunday

Near the Pool of Bethsaida, Jerusalem. Photo: Elizabeth P.

Near the Pool of Bethsaida, Jerusalem.
Photo: Elizabeth P.

I stood in honour of our veterans as they entered the sanctuary, and as I listened to Rev. Dr. Dimock called out the names of St. Andrew’s Honour Roll; I wondered how often they cried out, how long? I can only imagine… how long will this battle last; how long until I see my loved ones; how long until I can rest my tired body; how long until there will be peace; how long until I will no longer see these images of war? Even with these questions they stood watch for us, and braved their life for our freedom and peace.

It is with deepest gratitude of our service men and women, we are able to live freely and continue to spread God’s love. We can spread His love all around. We saw this as we witnessed in wonder as Rev. Dr. Scott taught us about his service as a minister in the Armed Forces, and his church in a bag.

It is God’s love that I pray embraces those that lost their lives during war, veterans, active service men and women, and all of their families not only on Remembrance Day, but all days.


“O God, our help in ages past, our hope for years to come, our shelter from the stormy blast, and our eternal home”.  Isaac Watts



Colleen G.