Sunday, April 16

Easter Sunday morning at St. Andrew's was a wonderful celebration despite the rain, with the lilies towering high in the sanctuary.  This Easter, what most struck me was the phrase "the power of resurrection."  Thinking through to the core of the Easter story, this year I was particularly moved by the notion that the resurrection story is a narrative about power, and how power can come from surprising things, and through surprising things. 

Easter, of course, is about surprises: the surprise of the empty tomb, the surprise that no earthly power, not the Roman Empire, not the leadership in the Temple, could ultimately defeat the purpose of a life spent in passionate and humble service, with integrity.  In the Biblical story, the tale is about Jesus, but in some ways the Easter story is a story for all times and for all of us.  The notion that one's life's work, even if ended unheralded, even if unrecognized, can speak forward powerfully into the future is compelling and applies more broadly than just to ancient Jerusalem.  The power of the resurrection that I am most drawn to is the idea that love is stronger than death.

He is risen indeed.

Rebecca B.