Sunday, April 30

Today is Music Appreciation Sunday and here at St. Andrew's we are triply blessed by our senior choir, our bell choir and our children's choir.  Through their gifts and the generous sharing of those gifts, we are lifted up to God so that we may more fully praise Him.  Today's anthem "Joy Is Come!" certainly did some spiritual raising up for me after slogging my way to church through what is hopefully the last sleet of the season.  With such a joyful noise ringing in my ears, how can I not see the rest of the day as a blessing?  

Rev. Karen spoke, in a different context, about the Spirit coming among them and giving them life.  To me, the ministry of music only enhances the work of the Spirit in providing a forum whereby we can express our infinite joy at knowing God through his son, Jesus.  And as Rev. Karen also pointed out, Jesus' forgiveness of our human weakness and our sins is definitely something to sing about.  So this week when you find yourself humming along to a favourite piece of music or head-bobbing with the car radio at an intersection, take a moment to thank everyone who brings the gift of music to you. Right now I'm humming one of my favourite hymns, "All glory, laud and honour to thee, Redeemer King, To whom the lips of children made sweet hosannas ring". Have a blessed, joyful and tuneful week.

Laura M.