Hosanna in the highest!

There was much movement and excitement as the service commenced this morning, and it took me back to my childhood. I loved proceeding in with the minister singing hosanna and waving the palms. It was such an exciting experience as we imagined Jesus riding in on the donkey and people laying down their cloaks and waving their palms.

As I have gotten older I still get excited to witness the Palm Sunday procession and imagine what it would have been like to welcome Jesus into Jerusalem, however, I now recognize the enormity of this day that leads us into Holy Week. The clearing of the communion table is moving and symbolizes many things for me. Most importantly it reminds me to remove the busy parts of life during this week to reflect on its meaning and to grow closer to God who gave his one and only son for us.


My song is love unknown,
my Savior’s love to me.

Love to the loveless shown,
that they might lovely be.
Oh, who am I that for my sake,
my Lord should take frail flesh and die?



Colleen G.