Sunday January 11

At Christmas, Karen almost warned us that in the church year, we see and enjoy Christ the baby and child for just a fleeting moment.  And already today we were shown Christ the young man being baptized by John.

We recognize Jesus as Beloved of God. And today we were challenged to think of ourselves as Beloved of God. Does God love what is the best in each of us or are we loved for all that we are?  And do we love all of one another or do we pick and choose the "best" bits?  We are reminded that to love means encompassing all that each one of is.

When have you felt confident that you are a Beloved of God and a Beloved of humanity?  When have you felt that you have received blessings?  And how are we called to ensure that those around us feel our love and through us, God's blessings?  God is delighted with each of us. I pray that I may be confident and worthy of this delight.

Billie S.