Sunday Lunch Blog - June 29

We welcomed back The Rev. Bob Hill today, June 29. His sermon was ‘What makes a nation great?’ As I was spending some time with the Church School before the sermon I thought I had the answer – our children and youth! We have an exceptional group at St. Andrew’s and I feel confident in the future.

Rev. Hill reminded us that a great nation must be moral and compassionate. A great nation must be a moral nation – respect for people. How we treat others is how we treat God. Humorously, he spoke about how morality would reduce our country’s debt! Debt costs us so imagine what life would be without crime and the associated costs!

Morality is character being exercised. We end up with a sense of value of ourself. Character is what you do when no one is looking….Worth thinking about.

We must ‘walk the walk’ and experience the reality. If we move away from God we will turn to other means in our lives. It was fascinating to learn that one of the earliest signs of civilization was a healed broken limb – it showed someone cared. Evidence of compassion is a first sign of civilization.

God wants us to be great and to endure…not to be disposable like a paper cup.
Jeanie H.