Sunday Lunch - Thanksgiving Sunday

At today's service, on Thanksgiving weekend, I was reminded, unsurprisingly, of how much we have to be thankful for.  It was a fine morning, with just the right autumnal crispness in the air, and the maple trees verdant in their lavish red colours. The handbell choir performance was lovely today. And, I was of course very proud of our psalm reader, our little daughter, and, in listening to her reminded that this is our fifth thanksgiving as a family at St. Andrew's. 

Looking around the pews, and at the pulpit, I see that much has changed since we arrived: new faces have arrived and longtime attendees and members are missed. Yet, much remains the same. I am grateful for the stability we enjoy in this great country.  Two things in particular were nourishing food for thought for me today.  First, I liked the notion Huda suggested in her children's story that we should take seriously the "giving" part of Thanksgiving.  My husband and I folded this into our grace at dinner, when we went around the table and said the usual statement of what we are thankful for but this year added to it a commitment of what we were each prepared to give.  Second, I particularly appreciated the reference in the Minister's prayer to the notion that even where war is a necessary evil it is still an evil. 

Lots to think about; lots of work to be done and much to be thankful for.

Rebecca B.