The Candle of Love


Well the day has come that we light the last Advent candle before welcoming Jesus Christ! What a moment this is that we bring more lightness into the darkness through the candle of love.

When I sit back and reflect on today's service, and this Advent and Christmas season, it is apparent that God's love is all around us and that we are called to embrace this story and find our identity within it.

Earlier this week I attended the Blue Christmas service. The message of God's love, even when it seems there is no hope and only darkness, was uplifting -- God's love could make life grow through the shoot from Jesse's stump. It is through God's love, even during the hardest of times, he is always there.

We ready ourselves for the coming of Jesus Christ, who was born in a manger, which is a profound way that God showed us his love for us.  Even though it was a very long, long time ago His love is never-ending. It is seen in the beauty and wonders of this world, including new life, that was celebrated today through the Holy Sacrament.

May God's love embrace you this Christmas Eve day and all days.

Colleen G.