The promise of laughter

We were welcomed with the beautiful picture of Sarah’s laughter on the bulletin which at first glance, could be seen as depicting Sarah’s sorrow: Sarah and Abraham have been desiring for a child as promised by God. They both waited a long time and Sarah was having doubts.

Karen reminded us that God kept on indicating to Abraham, that Sarah will have a son, even after they had one with Sarah's maid.

It would take a long time for the promise to come to pass: twenty years.

What happens when God make us a promise?  Its fulfillment is not always immediate. Just like Abraham and Sarah, we all have experienced the wait upon God’s promise.

I learned from the sermon that his promises never fade.

I also learned that I should always have faith in him. We may feel that God is not listening our prayers, but He will never dismiss us.

Just like Sarah I had my doubts few times and have even tought in my heart of giving up on some of my dreams. I am comforted when He says: Is anything too hard for the Lord? (Gen. 18:14)

At the end of the sermon, I took a second look at the picture on the bulletin, and I saw Sarah’s incredulity: the Lord has kept his word and did for her exactly what He had promised.

There is Good News with God, and by taking an extra step in faith, we too can say, like Sarah: God has brought me laughter.

Stay Blessed,
Taji E.