The view from the ditch

We welcomed back the Rev. Dr. Sandy Scott to the pulpit and he helped us see things ‘from the ditch’.  Somehow he managed to balance Brexit, terror attacks and violence across the world with the Parable of the Good Samaritan.  Laws can tell us what to do and where our responsibilities lie as the lawyer discovered in Luke 10: 25-37:  ‘Love your neighbour as yourself’.  But where do these responsibilities end?   

We learn that anyone who is suffering is our neighbour.  They may not look like us, sound like us or worship as we do but our love of God is reflected in how we treat them.  We can have rules and laws but if there is no compassion or mercy then we turn on ourselves. 

Compassion can come from unexpected places.  Have you felt that compassion or mercy lately?  Have you offered the same?

Jeanie H.