This is the day the Lord has made. Rejoice and be glad in it!


As I was driving to church today knowing that I was signed up for the blog, I wondered what would inspire me...what would speak to me in such a way that I would feel compelled to comment. Would it be the note from Karen sent this week? Would it be the sermon? Would it be a hymn?

And then it struck me that we are all on the cusp of new beginnings. We are enjoying the sunny crisp days of fall, a new season and one that marks a turning point in the year. As we munch on apples which are surely best picked during this season, we know that the long hot hazy days of summer are behind us and we have much to look forward to with colours and hot chocolate and cozy evenings.

And then we had the joy of a baptism today, surely the best of all new beginnings. As the proud parents presented their child as a member of Christ’s community, we must all feel the thrill of ordinary water being changed to something greater in order to welcome her into her new life. The course of her life has changed forever as she is cherished and guided by all her sisters and brothers in the church and by our Lord.

And lastly we had the immense pleasure of receiving the message from a student of Presbyterian College, Clara Maranzano who is looking forward to her next new beginning. Clara shared that Jesus’ message wasn’t always easy to process and flew in the face of conventional wisdom. We accumulate so that our lives will be eased and comfortable but Jesus tells us that in order to find this new beginning, we must sell all our worldly possessions and give the money to the poor. Certainly a tough message in today’s world where quid pro quo is the norm. But in God all things are possible and our challenges are to examine the order of our priorities in order to find our new life, our new beginning. As Clara said, Jesus’ challenges were issued through love rather than any other motivation.

As we look forward to our new week, we must greet each new day as a new beginning. This is
the day the Lord has made. Rejoice and be glad in it!

Laura M.