Thoughts from a Sunday Service

Rembrandt, Supper at Emmaus

Rembrandt, Supper at Emmaus

The service began with reference to a painting by Rembrandt, entitled 'Supper at Emmaus'.

The Rev. Jan Steyn took the reading from Luke 24: 13-34 and related the themes of 'chronos' and 'kairos'. The ancient Greeks had two words for time, chronos and kairos.  Kairos is that moment in time - an alarm rings, a drop of water falls a terrorist attack occurs.  Everyone could relate to that moment at the Scots Kirk in Paris. There were moments that everyone replayed in their mind.

The Rembrandt also showed the moment with Jesus breaking bread with the disciples and their recognition of who was doing this act.  They had already missed a kairos moment when they met Jesus on the road to Emmaus.

Remember these kairos moments - God is with you.

Jeanie H.
April 3, 2016