Time change


As we started the day with a time change (regardless of how you feel about Daylight Savings Time), we are also coming into a time of change in the church.  It is a time to consider God's invitation to leave our comfortable lives and hear His call given to us through Jesus.  It is a time of reflection, of deep internal consideration of how best to follow Jesus' teachings.  Are we able to take those teachings on board?  Are we able to work with the deeply uncomfortable changes He calls us to make?  How can these changes be reflected back into our community and into the world community?  Without the knowledge of the love which will never let us go, we can only struggle as individuals but with the knowledge of that love, we can conquer all challenges.  It is indeed a time of change and challenge, temptation and false promises but in turning our eyes away from these temptations, we are able to focus on what is true, what is whole and what will lead to a life everlasting.

Laura M.