To start anew

Today's message centered around the appearance of Jesus to His disciples after the resurrection.  Karen described the disciples as experiencing "fear, doubt and darkness" as a result of the crucifixion, as hiding behind walls.  We might also think that they felt discredited and isolated from their own community and culture as the followers of someone who overturned much of the Old Covenant.  What was left for them if Jesus was dead?  But the resurrected Jesus broke down the walls and gave a new sense of community from which no one was excluded by their identity or their experiences.

I am reminded of the story of Thomas Edison after a fire destroyed his vast laboratories.  Viewing the disaster the 67 year old Edison said, "Thank goodness all our mistakes have been burned up.  Now we can start anew in the morning."  All of the travails and dilemmas and contention that must have confronted the disciples during Christ's life were now behind them, and they could see His victory in the end.  And no matter how battered they may have felt on Good Friday, they could now start anew, reaching out, their confidence and devotion to Christ offering living proof of the resurrection.  And so it is for us, when overcast by doubt or fear or darkness, to start anew, with the same belief in that victory.

Rob R.