Trinity Sunday

It was Trinity Sunday today and I appreciated Rev. Sandy Scott talking with us about the Holy Spirit and being a Spirit filled church. As Presbyterians, we (or maybe it's just me?) tend to shy away from talking about the Spirit. I prefer a Christianity that fits in my intellect, one that I can pretend to understand.

But Rev. Scott talked about how the Spirit guides us and helps us understand God's wisdom. He spoke about the spiritual exercises of Ignatius of Loyola and using his method of reading, prayer and meditation to listen for God's truth and the movement of the Holy Spirit. One comment in the sermon that will stick with me throughout this week was when he suggested we picture ourselves in the well-known story of Lazarus. Are we comforting his sisters? Are we at the back of the crowd, trying to get in close enough to see in the tomb? What if we're Lazarus?

What if we're Lazarus? How do you live after being raised from the dead? Everything he did from that day on would be affected by that single event of God in his life.

Guided by the truth shown through the Spirit, we are empowered to live the ministry and teachings of Jesus. I was encouraged this morning to make room for the Spirit, and to listen with open ears.

Maureen R.