Sunday, Sept 25

I find myself writing another blog post from afar after having reviewed the bulletin online.  This weekend took Matt and several of our kids to Cub camp and the rest of us to Montreal.  I notice that Karen's sermon this week was about "the journey of Faith" - how appropriate that I am reading and writing this using the wifi on a ViaRail train!  I would have expected to feel more spiritual certainty and clarity, and feel like I have "arrived" somewhere by now in my life, but it is interesting that I do not.  I still feel very much like my faith and my life are works in progress. 

Watching the fall colours fly by through the train window, I was heartened to read this Morning Prayer from the bulletin:
God of radiance and glory you give life to all things and call us to life everlasting. Show us the treasure of your grace so that we may take hold of the life that really is life; through Christ Jesus, Lord of lords. Amen.

Rebecca B