March News from the Kirk Session

  • Winter Wednesday Evenings, dinner and study, began on March 1st and continue through to April 5th.
  • We thank Christine Ball for all her hard work over the past 18 months.  Christine’s last Sunday was March 12th, and Huda returned to work on March 20th. 
  • The first issue of Presbyterian Connection will be available March 13th. You can subscribe on-line ( or by phone (1-800-619-7301 x 243).  There will also be a few copies available in Grant Hall.  This magazine is free of charge.
  • The Welcome and Announcements, during the11 am service, will now occur after the musical approach.
  • A reminder that beginning April 23rd, the early service will be starting at 9:15 and a one room Sunday school will be available at that service.
  • The Convener of Personnel, along with the Clerks met with the Minister and staff to discuss security in the building. Since then the Ottawa Police have conducted a building audit and provided a written report. Kirk Session will be working with Christian Education and Temporal Committee to implement improvements.
  • A congregational meeting will be held after worship in the sanctuary on May 8th to approve the final budget for the 2017 financial year. The Kirk Session continues to monitor and discuss our financial situation. Thank you for your continued support of the life and work of the congregation.
  • As we look to the future, the Kirk Session has begun a strategic planning exercise. We have begun by discussing our identity and exploring together our core values as a congregation, discussing what matters at St Andrew’s. In the coming months they will be visiting committees and groups seeking input from them. We will be providing opportunities for individual input as well.
  • The Children’s Choir sang in a benefit concert for CHEO (Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario) on March 26th. Thank you for being such wonderful ambassadors of our congregation!

January News from Kirk Session

  • The Governor General will be attending the 11:00 service at St. Andrew’s on February 12th, 2017, as part of the 150th celebration.
  • General Assembly is seeking nominations from members of the PCC for 12 of their committees.  Deadline for application is February 28th.  If you are interested, please speak to the Minister, Rob R. or Heather P.
  • A capital-region wide interdenominational use of the Alpha Course is being planned for September 2017.  Alpha Canada is providing financial support and the Capital Region Alpha is looking to raise $125,000 to help bring Alpha to Ottawa.  There will be an information session January 20th and a training opportunity January 21st at the Vineyard Ottawa location – 51 Greenbank Rd.
  • The Minister will be taking study leave the last week of January to attend the Reformed Worship Symposium at the Calvin Institute in Grand Rapids Michigan.
  • Kids Church and Mission Possible Kids will take place on Saturday, January 21st at 4:30.
  • The fair trade booth will be open every second Sunday this year.  Its next date is January 22nd.
  • Our annual Burns Supper is January 28th, 6 p.m.
  • On January 15th there will be a lunch and learn to hear more about Rob Robertson’s trip to Malawi.
  • KS considered in-camera budgetary matters for presentation to the annual meeting.
  • KS received a report from the Personnel Committee on staff security that will be the subject of discussion with staff.

December Notes from Kirk Session

  • Christmas Around the World International potluck was held Saturday, December 3rd and was a huge success.  Thanks to the Men’s Fellowship and Barbara Sawh for all their work behind the scenes and in the kitchen.
  • 2016 marks the 50th anniversary of the ordination of women to both the ruling eldership as well as the Ministry of Word and Sacrament in the Presbyterian Church in Canada. Communion will be served on December 4th by an all-female contingent of elders.
  • This December will mark the final edition of the Presbyterian Record which is going out of print after 140 years. The denomination is making plans for a new means of communicating the life and work of the denomination.
  • Phase 1 of the Vision 2020 Stewardship campaign has concluded.  Thank you for your participation.
  • Almoner’s Envelopes will not be placed in the pews at the December Communion so that we can focus instead on the Christmas Appeals made to support local and international missions in December.  They will return in 2017.
  • St. Andrew’s will be holding its traditional Blue Christmas December 21st at 7 p.m.  All are welcome.
  • The early service at St. Andrew’s will move from 9:30 to 9:15 after Easter.  The 11:00 service will continue as usual.
  • The Governor General will be attending the 11:00 service at St. Andrew’s on February 12th, 2017, as part of the 150th celebration.
  • The three charities selected for the Christmas offering are:  The Marco Depestre Foundation for Haiti, The Wabano Centre for Aboriginal Health and the Community Laundry Co-op.
  • In order to respect the practice time needed by the choir and Director of Music between services, ushers will have responsibility for ensuring that the doors to Grant Hall are kept closed except when opened by ushers for people to enter the sanctuary in between the two services.
  • White gift Sunday will take place December 18th.  A list of requested books is located in Grant Hall.
  • Kirk Session continues to study the issue of security before, during and after worship and will keep the congregation up to date on any developments.
  • The Kirk Session is starting to develop the process for a Strategic Planning exercise to chart our direction and priorities into the future.

October - Notes from Kirk Session

News from the Kirk Session: October

  • Wednesday Noon-hour Communion Services have resumed as have the 9:30 worship service on Sundays.
  • Wednesday Evening Studies begin October 19th.
  • A letter was received from the Session at St. Giles commending Alex Fels, a member of our congregation, for his leading worship at that church this past August.
  • 6 Members of St. Andrew’s participated in the Ride for Refuge October 1st.  Together we raised over $3700.00 for Presbyterian World Service and Development (PWS&D) and their support of maternal and child health in Malawi and Afghanistan. Thank you! 
  • PWS&D, the Mission arm of our denomination, will be holding meetings at St. Andrew’s October 28 – 29.
  • 2016 marks the 50th anniversary of the ordination of women to both the ruling eldership as well as the Ministry of Word and Sacrament in the Presbyterian Church in Canada.
  • This December will mark the final edition of the Presbyterian Record which is going out of print after 140 years. The denomination is making plans for a new means of communicating the life and work of the denomination.
  • Phase 1 of the Vision 2020 Stewardship campaign begins October 16th. Your elder will be reaching out soon to share this invitation with you.
  • On October 22nd the pastoral care team is hosting a Saturday morning workshop on End of Life Care. Entitled “When a cure is not possible, care is”, the workshop will be led by Janet Stark a Spiritual Care Chaplain and Elder in the PCC.
  • Special Communion will be Saturday November 5th at 2 pm and followed by High Tea. Co-ordinated by the Pastoral Care team this semi-annual service is for members of the church who find it hard to attend church regularly. Drives are arranged.
  • The New Sound loop has been installed and is working well.
  • The Kirk Session and Temporal Committee have expanded the terms of reference for SCOFF (Special Committee for Funding and Finance). In addition to supporting the treasurer in preparing the budget year at hand, they are now mandated to think strategically about the coming years as well. Membership of this committee has been expanded as well and includes the treasurer, Administrative Clerk of Session and members of the Temporal Committee as well as Kirk Session.
  • Almoner’s Envelopes will not be placed in the pews at the December Communion so that we can focus instead on the Christmas Appeals made to support local and international missions in December.  They will return in 2017
  • Rebecca Bromwich, children’s choir parent liaison, is starting up Christian Yoga on Sunday mornings during the children’s choir practices. This is in order to build community among the choir parents and the wider congregation.

News from the Kirk Session - Sept 2016

Thanks was received from the Centretown Emergency Food Centre for the donation made by St. Andrew’s to fund their summer Lunch Bag Programme.

Thank you to all those who made Vacation Bible School such a success in August.  Special thanks to Christine Ball and Maureen R.

The Gracefield Retreat took place September 9th – 11th.  Thank you to all who made it such a success and especially Natalie B, this year’s registrar who brought it all together so well.

Rally Sunday will be September 18th.  Worship will be at 11 am on that day.
Youth and young adult can participate in the filming of a documentary on the Truth and Reconciliation initiatives on September 19th

Tuesday morning Bible Study will resume at St Paul’s on September 20th at 10:30.

The congregation is invited to help bring in the harvest at Black Family Farm on September 24th

The Vision 2020 Stewardship Campaign will be starting this month.

Kids Church and Mission Possible Kids will be starting up

A new funeral policy was approved.  It can be obtained from the office.

A report of the ad hoc committee on security was received, and the Christian Education Committee, the Personnel Committee, and the Clerks were each asked to study the recommendations made pertaining to their areas of responsibility. An implementation report will be received in January.

World Communion Sunday is October 2nd and ahead of this the elders will be in touch as they visit in their districts.

June Kirk Session notes

  • June 5th was an opportunity to give thanks to all who give of their time, talents and treasures.
  • Eleven new elders were ordained June 12th.
  • The Memorials Committee is busy working on events to celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday.
  • A decision was taken to retain the all-family subscription to the Presbyterian Record.
  • Thanks to Jeanie H. and Vladimir C. who have agreed to co-convene the Christian Education Committee.
  • The Invitations Committee has been renamed the Christian Communications Committee and it will have an expanded mandate.
  • The session received the report from those who attended the stewards by design conference in April. They shared the encouragement they received for building on and building up the many strengths of the St Andrew’s.
  • Volunteers are still needed for VBS, August 22nd – 26th.  Training date is June 19th.
  • Canada Youth 2016 will take place this July.  Malaika M., Ernest M., Melanie T. and Sana W. will be attending along with Rev. Dimock.
  • A bake sale fundraiser will be held June 19th to raise money for Canada Youth 2016.
  • There will be a Youth Day Retreat August 28th at the Rowing Club.
  • Gracefield Family Retreat will be September 9th – 11th.
  • The Women’s Guild will be using the interest from one of their funds and disbursing funds to Interval House, Bethany Hope Centre, Queen Mary Public School.
  • One-service Sundays (10 am) will start June 26th.
  • The congregational picnic will be June 26th.
  • The summer BBQ series will be July 6th, 13th,20th, 27th.
  • Rally Sunday will be September 18th.

May 2016, News from Kirk Session

  • Thanks was received from the students at Knox College for St. Andrew’s financial support.
  • Thanks was received from Gracefield for St. Andrew’s continuing support – some painting has been completed and a portion of the Jolly Roger roof has been replaced.
  • Centretown Emergency Food Centre sent their thanks for the summer lunch programme St. Andrew’s is helping fund.
  • The twice annual Special Communion was held May 7th. 
  • Reception of youth was May 1st.
  • Eleven new elders have been elected and will be ordained June 12.
  • A team of St. Andreans (Rev. Dimock, Craig H., Nancy J. and Don G.) attended Stewards by Design in early April and have returned to share what they learned with the congregation in the coming months.
  • Thanks were extended to all those who helped host Presbytery when Karen was ill:  David B. who played piano, and Noral R., Peter L. and Christine Ball who acted as hosts
  • Thanks were extended to Yvette and her team of volunteers for the kindness and hard work shown as they catered the funeral reception for Andrew Todd. 
  • Many thanks were extended to Christine Ball and Alex F. for their work and encouragement in preparing the youth for confirmation.
  • The Kirk Session retreat will be June 25th, at St. Andrew’s Church.
  • Changes to the location and form of announcements will begin May 8th and feedback is encouraged. 
  • The Invitations Committee will be purchasing a TV set for initial use in Grant Hall, to use for display of the Minister’s and Congregational announcements, as well as committee communications.
  • There will be a Synod Youth retreat May 27 – 29 at Gracefield
  • There will be a Christian Education appreciation lunch May 29
  • A number of steps were taken to reduce expenditures for the current year, and further discussions are being undertaken with the Temporal Committee.  The Administrative Clerk will be reporting fully on these to the congregation in the June issue of St. Andrew's in Action
  • St. Andrew’s will be providing space and the use of the sanctuary for the October 27 – 29 meetings of PWS&D.

News from April Kirk Session

The Kirk Session meets first Monday of the month.  Their April meeting included the following discussion and decisions.

  • We are looking forward to the reception of new members during the 11 am service on April 17th.
  • Voting for new elders begins April 17th and runs until May 1st. Many thanks to those of you who submitted nominations and all who prayerfully considered the calling to eldership. We are glad to have 11 nominations, all fully supported by the Kirk Session. Addressed envelopes containing ballots will be made available during worship on April 17th with any not picked up then being mailed on April 18th.
  • St. Andrew’s is hosting the Presbytery of Ottawa meeting on April 19th.  All are welcome.
  • The annual Women’s Retreat is April 30th at Gloucester Presbyterian Church.  This is an opportunity for women of all ages in the congregation to take time out together and enjoy a day of fellowship.
  • The Congregation has now with gratitude received a final payment in the bequest from the estate of the late Bob Swift.
  • The Minister received the endorsement of the Session for a significant grant to the Emergency Food Centre from the Lulu Aileen Philips Fund. This grant will support a lunch program for single mothers and their children during the summer when the regular school breakfast and lunch programs are not available.
  • The Kirk Session approved a joint arrangement with Knox Church for the support of St. Andrew’s next refugee sponsorship.  Rana K. who we are sponsoring will live with the Tayer family being sponsored by Knox.
  • In response to concerns about environmental stewardship as well as to save costs, photocopies of Large Print Hymnals will no longer be made. The hymnals themselves will be available in either narthex ahead of worship.
  • Bulletins and some other publications of the church are now largely being printed in black and white as opposed to colour, this represents a cost savings of about $3000 a year. Colour will still be used on some special occasions.
  • The wedding policy was revised to welcome the celebration of marriage at St. Andrew's of children and grandchildren of members.
  • The Minister and Clerks were authorized to initiate a special service of "communal mourning" for the Christian community in times of particular sorrow and tragedy.

News from the Kirk Session, March 2016

  • A letter was sent to the Rev. Anthony Bailey and the congregation of Parkdale United, expressing St. Andrew’s distress over the recent vandalism which occurred there.  A copy of the letter can be found on the bulletin board in Grant Hall.
  • In order to cut expenses, the bulletin and “The Days of…” will in the future be printed in black and white, except on special occasions as determined by the Minister.
  • The facilitator’s report from the February 6 workshop on the Body, Mind and Soul study guide is available at either narthex.
  •  Elder election update: Thank you for the prayerful consideration given to nominations for the Kirk Session. Please continue to pray this month for those considering the call to eldership as over the next month we will be contacting those who received nominations from at least two individuals. You can expect to receive the list of those who agree to stand for election in early April and the elections themselves will be held between April 17 and May 1.
  • Don Gowan has agreed to taken on the co-ordination of the ushering schedule.  Thank you Don, and thank you to Judy D. and Jonathan M. for doing this over the past year.
  • There will be a petition available to sign on Sunday, March 13 to ask the provincial government of Ontario to make the findings of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission mandatory in all history curricula from kindergarten through grade 12. 
  • There will be an educational event on Wednesday, March 30 for a group study on the Truth and Reconciliation Commission recommendation #48.  Reverend Karen Horst, the Moderator of the Presbyterian Church in Canada will be attending along with Susan Johnson, the National Bishop of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada, Mark MacDonald, the National Indigenous Bishop of the Anglican Church of Canada and KAIROS Executive Director Jennifer Henry.
  • On June 18, there will be a supper in support of the Marco Depestre Foundation of Ottawa.