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2018 Winter Wednesday Evening Studies


Join us for a study and fellowship February 14- March 21

Twice a year, during Lent and in the autumn, St. Andrew's offers 6 weeks of small group studies. We begin with dinner in St. Andrew's Hall at 6 p.m. Then we continue with courses of discussion and study from 6:45 - 8 p.m. This is a great way to meet others in the Christian community and to grow in Christian faith.  There is no cost; a freewill offering will be collected for the dinner.


Dinner at 6:00pm ~ Studies from 6:45 to 8:00pm

Study 1

Making Sense of the Cross – Led by Rev. Dr. Karen Dimock

The cross is a powerful Image. One that we not only reference quite frequently in the church, but that we come across in art, in the jewellery people wear. As a symbol the cross shows up in movies and advertising and not always in the most “Christian” of ways.  But what does it mean? How do we understand it?  God revealed as Christ on the cross? The violence of it all? What it means that Jesus dying saves us?  And then there is Jesus telling his disciples to pick up their own cross! 

There are a lot of different messages about the cross. It is about sin. It is about love. It’s about forgiveness and passion and sacrifice. It’s about opening the way to a new future when it seemed like no future was possible.  Making sense of the cross! This is a conversation about Faith Seeking Understanding. A conversation about something that happened 2000 years ago, and that people have been talking about ever since. A conversation that we will be taking part in now!

Study 2 

Book of Judges- Bible Study by David Brearley

The Book of Judges is a very loose interpretive history, with a strong theological bent. Israel has fallen away from her faith by worshipping deities other than their Lord God, with the result that she is overpowered by other nations and is utterly humiliated. Heroes like Gideon and Samson come to the fore and attempt to rescue the people, but they are successful for short time periods. 

As remote as the events may seem from our time, we will find that human nature has not changed much, and the book has pertinent meaning for us today.

Study 3

"IF ONE PART SUFFERS ..." - CHRISTIANITY UNDER SEIGE –  guest speakers, directed by Peter Lamont

An examination of Christian witness in troubled areas of God's world including Egypt, India, Nepal, Sudan, China and Palestine. We will look at some of the responses of various peoples to threats against their freedom to worship, and consider our own call to minister with them.

Guest Speakers:

Feb. 14 China - David Kilgour

Feb. 21 Open Doors Canada - Rev Gary Stagg

Feb. 28 India / Nepal - Glynis Williams

Mar. 7   Egypt - Michel Tadros

Mar. 14 Sudan - Jim Davies

Mar. 21 Palestine - Alan Herbert

Study 4

The Earliest Christians- Led by Huda Kandalaft

Clearing the dust off the ancient history to look at the Fathers of the early Christian church. In this course, The Earliest Christians, we will study the contributions of the Fathers of Christianity to the life and witness of the early church. We will also ask what could we revive of their teachings for us today. Through DVD presentations and documentaries, we will look at prominent figures of the early centuries at the beginnings of the church such as Irenaeus , John Chrysostom and Origen.

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