Mission & Outreach at St. Andrew's

Through a social action program St. Andrew’s seeks to embody the Christian values of charity and compassion.  We believe in doing good both for its own sake, and as an example of true Christian caring.  

The focus of work in our own community is to improve the health of its most vulnerable residents and the community in general through enhancing access to basic needs and through promoting progressive social policies.  However, we also recognize that many of the issues we face in our own community have international dimensions and they must be included in our thoughts and efforts.  We can benefit in unique ways when we involve ourselves with the lives of those pursuing worthy goals in their own communities.

Activities close to home include support to the local Emergency Food Centre and to numerous other charities that provide services and accommodation to those in need including Daybreak Housing, the Mission, and Bruce House offering support to those suffering from HIV/AIDS.  As well, we have an active program of involvement in aboriginal concerns, especially in educating the congregation and the community on issues surrounding peace and reconciliation, as well as social and economic issues facing native peoples. 

Internationally, we sponsor refugee families, most recently from Iraq and from Syria.  We also are partnered with First Church Amkhut India, in the mission field of our national church serving the Bhil people.   In addition we take an active interest in a congregation of Christians in Homs Syria, and are seeking to broaden our support to them.  Our congregation is also a strong financial supporter of Presbyterian World Service and Development, the development agency of our national church.  This effort is supplemented by direct support to an effective charity linked to our church working for children in Haiti. 

St. Andrew’s believes strongly in reaching out beyond its walls, following the commandment of Jesus to love our neighbour and to spread the good news of His salvation.