During May we are going to continue with our theme Newness of Life as we explore the adventures of the early church, newly alive in the power of the Holy Spirit.

See the details of this month’s worship services below.

Sunday Worship at 9:15 and 11am

with Sunday School

Sunday Order of Service and Announcements

Upcoming Worship

May 5th we welcome Alex Fels back to the pulpit! The Scripture texts for the day include Revelation 5:11 – 14 and John 21:1 – 19.

May 12th is Mothers Day, which we also call Christian Family Sunday. Reverend Dimock is preaching the sermon this week, The Mothers of our Faith and the Scripture texts are Acts 9:36 – 43 and Psalm 23

On May 19th our scripture texts include Acts 11:1 – 18 and Psalm 148, and Reverend Dimock’s sermon title is The Conversion of Us All.

May 26th we will be reading from Acts 16:9 – 15. The Psalm is 67, and Reverend Dimock’s sermon is Following the Holy Spirit: How does That Work?

June 2nd during the service we celebrate the Sacrament of Holy Communion. It is Ascension Sunday and Reverend Dimock will be preaching from Acts 1:1 – 11 as well as Acts 16:16 – 34 and Psalm 97.


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