Summer Worship

For three weeks, starting June 30, we will be reading from the book of Psalms. Like the prayers we offer during the course of our own lives, they are varied and represent so much of human experience.

See below for the details of these worship services, and the ones to follow.

Upcoming Worship

On June 30th, we will be looking at Psalms 8 and 145, Psalms of praise that express those moments of joy when we find ourselves fully enjoying the presence of God and the beauty of God’s world.

July 7th we will be looking at Psalms of Lament that orient us to God even as the world falls apart. Psalms for this day include 42, 51, 86 and 137. The sermon title is How Long Oh Lord, How Long?

July 14th we will be paying attention to Psalms that Walter Bruegemann calls psalms of new-orientation. These orient us to God in those times when we have found that we have come through trouble, to a new understanding of the world around us. Psalms for this week will include 30, 40 and 139.

July 21st we welcome back Alex Fels who will be leading worship

July 28th we welcome back to St. Andrew’s Reverend Fred Demaray who will lead us in worship

August 4th we welcome Alex Fels as our leader for worship

August 11th Reverend Bob Hill will be gracing the pulpit and leading worship at St. Andrews. Welcome back Bob!

August 18th Reverend Dimock will be back from vacation. Our texts for the day include Genesis 15: 1 – 6 and Hebrews 11: 1 – 16. The sermon title is Lessons in Faith: What is Seen is Made from Things Unseen.

August 25th the Scripture texts include Luke 13: 10 - 17 and Reverend Dimock will be preaching the sermon What Bends You Out of Shape.

September 1st is Labour day weekend and as we celebrate the baptism of two babies this weekend, our Scripture readings include Luke 14: 1 – 14, and the sermon is Places of Honour.

Sunday Worship at 10am

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