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Living the Resurrection Life!

Easter is not the end of the story of Jesus, it is only the beginning... What happened after... well, this is the story we find ourselves living in. This month at the Women’s Retreat we’ll talk about the story we tell with our lives and how we find ourselves part of God’s story. We are going to be doing some of that in worship as well, and as I get ready for this, one book I have been enjoying is Don Miller’s A Million Miles in a Thousand Years: How I Learned to Live a Better Story. It is a personal story he tells, and one of the key insights he shares early on, is that in a story a character is known by what they say and do. It is our outward words and actions that communicate to others who we are. Something to think about as we begin to explore what happened next, after the Resurrection... and find our own part in that story.

~ Karen       

Sunday Worship services at 9:15 and 11 a.m.

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Upcoming Worship

On April 8, as the communicants’ class become members of the church, our text for the day is John 20:19–31. The sermon delivered by Reverend Dimock and Huda is And Jesus calls us Friends

April 15, we have a Lunch and Learn after church that honours some of the early settlers in Ottawa and so in worship we will be praying for this city. Our Scripture passages will include Jeremiah 29:1–9 and Revelation 21. Reverend Dimock will be preaching the sermon Heaven, the city and us.

On April 22 the Scripture passage returns us to Jesus’ resurrection appearances in Luke 24:13–49. Reverend Dimock will be preaching the sermon Today’s Emmaus Road. This is also Music Appreciation Sunday, a time to give thanks for the gifts of our choir and Music Director.

On April 29, Living on the Vine is the title of Reverend Dimock’s sermon, based on the text John 15:9–17   


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