Who do you say that I am?

This wasn’t the first question. The first question Jesus asked the disciples was this one, “Who do people say that I am?” And as was the case then and now, the disciples had a variety of answers for this because people had all kinds of ideas about who Jesus was. One of the prophets was the most usual answer. “But who do you say that
I am.” That is the question that comes next, to those who travel and live with Jesus. It is the question Christ’s disciples are called to answer in all times and places and it is the question we turn our attention to as we continue our own journey of discovery with Jesus.

~ Karen       

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On February 4, we come to the end of our reading of Mark 1. Our text is Mark 1:35–45, and as Reverend Dimock preaches the sermon Inside
Out and Outside In
, we will be paying attention to who ends up where.

February 11 is Transfiguration Sunday. On this day we remember how just before he turned from Galilee to head to Jerusalem and the cross, Jesus took three of his disciples up the Mountain where he was transfigured before them. Our text is Mark 9:2–9 and Reverend Dimock will be preaching a sermon titled Expanding our Horizons.

February 18—On this first Sunday of the Lenten journey, Huda will preach Angels in the Wilderness; the text is Mark 1:9–15.

On February 25 we move to Mark 8:27–38 where Jesus begins to confuse his disciples, talking about his impending death and resurrection and asking that question we all must answer, the question that is the title of Reverend Dimock’s sermon this week, Who Do You Say That I Am?



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