Can a Little Child Like Me?

Thanksgiving. The very word brings to mind turkey, family, friends and celebration. Could it mean any less in our church family?  We had the opportunity today to celebrate the very concept of thanksgiving in our service today.

First we had the chance to thank the very good people of Ottawa2107 for all that they had brought his city. Then we were able to say thank you to these new friends who helped us refit after a crowd at an event managed to badly damage to our gardens and statue. Not only did the take care of the cost of repairs but actually gave us the choice of replacement plants and far more importantly gave of their personal time as volunteers came to help us replant.  Mr. Laflamme , the Executive Director took the time from his ridiculously busy schedule on a day dedicated to family to spend time with us. We thank these special people.

Then came our children’s hymn Can a Little Child Like Me. One of my personal favorites. This hymn always reminds me of the little things in a busy life as an adult we tend to take for granted and not remember to give thanks for every day.

For our comrades and our plays,
And our happy holidays,
For the joyful work and true
That a little child might do,
For our lives but just begun,
For the great gift of Thy Son,
The pure joy of living so wonderfully thanked for all the glory given us.

Even the little things of our service like the prayers included are oft forgotten but when regarded lead us to the thanks we need to give.

A Morning Prayer

With the morning light my hope is renewed,
and all my trust is in you, O God.
Lead me where you would have me go,
and show me what you would have me do,
to display your vision for the world to be
and, as far as I am able,
to live in accordance with your coming reign.
In the name of Jesus.

So on this day of Thanksgiving we offer to our church family thanks.

To our custodians who make our church clean and neat James and Shaun
To our office staff who keep us organized and aware Elizabeth and Lorraine
To our Music Director and choir who give us heavenly music, Tom and the Choir
To our Christian education director and her supporting committee and teachers for teaching and nurturing. Huda and the church school teachers.
To our Minister for the Word and its presentation. Karen
To our committees and Session for the oft unseen and unloved work of setting us on our path and keeping it all going
To the Women’ Guild who toil to make this place a true representation of Christiancharity
To our prayer and social groups who make this Church a destination for many people

Lastly and never least our volunteers whose names are simply too many to even try to list for their unquestioned and often unremarked hard effort every day to make this church a home.  We take this time as we gather at the table to hold hands and say a prayer of thanks for all we have, we take a moment to uphold you for all you do for us.

Thank you and thank God that he has given you to us.


Noral R.