Fishers of people


I really enjoyed the service and message today. As usual the message to the children and the sermon tied in beautifully. The children really enjoyed gathering around the net. The net was a symbol of love. How Jesus could relate to people. He used language they could understand. I will make you fishers of people. The disciples were the first catches who could not resist the bait of love incarnate. In leaving their nets behind they left their old way of life and chose a new way. It is symbolic of repentance and turning their backs from sin. This was an urgent call and it demanded an immediate response.

The gospel lesson begins with news that John has been arrested. This sad news does not slow the pace. Jesus moves quickly to begin his ministry. The meeting that followed was just a continuation of worship. Part of the great commission is to make disciples.... to teach them to obey everything I have commanded. Christian education is such an important part of this.  An important message I caught today was that if a person wants more spiritual light then hang around with people who have this light. Hebrews 10:25 reminds us how important it is for believers to meet together. Christian education is for all ages. What shape and form can it take in the days ahead to meet many needs. Let each of us RSVP immediately.

Sharon A.