Gift Giving

This morning, our sermon titled 'Gift Giving', was from Rev. Dr. Sandy Scott. He spoke from the heart, and in a way that opened up his own personal experiences to share with all of us. (Recommend giving it a listen). What resonated with me was the importance of acceptance and what being a part of a family gives us. How it gives us a history, a place and a home, things that we expect to have simply by being born. For many, being born is just not that simple, like the complication of Mary's pregnancy and what it meant for Joseph. The loyalty that was needed in order to believe Mary and step forward and offer family to Jesus was incredible.  Giving the gift of family.

I think we all know someone who was adopted, or maybe a few someones, and it's a different experience for everyone.  For my part, and really it's the only part I can speak to, being biologically related to a person does not automatically transcribe into a familial obligation or bond. It's by loving someone, by caring for them, and if they're children; it means by raising them that you build a family. If my daughters had been birthed by someone else and then given to me, I would love them just as much as I do now.

Sarah L.