How will we understand?

Rev. Karen began her sermon with a real life example of understanding - or not.  We can all sympathize with those who have been faced with assembling something like a BBQ. Often the diagrams are difficult to interpret, sometimes there is a piece missing and other times there is an extra piece with no apparent place to go.

As she pointed out, a lot can be learned from this experience.   We should ask ourselves what have we learned from other life experiences. Sometimes we miss seeing the big picture when we are so focused on the assembly diagrams and steps.

At some point, we realize we need assistance - even if we hate to admit it!  Using the readings from Acts, Rev. Karen focused on Philip and what did he really understand when he met the Ethiopian on the road. The early church was spreading out and conversations like this one were becoming more important.  Philip was the first missionary.

"The Way" was not what had been figured out in the time of Philip but he recognized he was on the way - but not there yet. We are all on our way and along with all the detours, changes and dead ends there are lots of people to assist.  We should not let our fear of not knowing (whether it is a BBQ or the scriptures) stop us from asking for help.

It is better if we all take a risk.  We are called to do this in God's church.  It is better to learn and to travel together in faith. As Karen concluded, "It is an amazing journey."

Jeanie H.