Sunday November 29

When Karen, in her sermon today, talked about the ability to delay gratification and wait as a mark of maturity, this really resonated with me. As I have grown a bit older, I have come to like the season of advent more and more.

The hymn we sang today,  "oh come oh come Immanuel" is one of my favourites. I like the fact that "advent" and "adventure" have the same root: as I have grown older and passed more milestones, I have begun to understand how much value there is in embracing the journey. I also liked the use of pregnancy as a metaphor for waiting because that is the kind of waiting I like to think of: it is an active kind of waiting- it is preparing: it is transformative. We can be the change, perhaps, because we are waiting for the change, like John the Baptist.
One closing thought: the handbells and flute were lovely today.

Rebecca B.