Bible Sunday and Reformation 500

Today, two aspects of the service really stood out for me.  First, it was a special day for our grade four students in the Sunday school, whom I teach, and one of whom is my son, because it was the day on which they were given Bibles.  This is an event I particularly enjoy each year, as I still have my own grade four Bible, and it is something I treasure.  I was heartened by Aisling's story to the kids about how she has worn the cover off her Bible from reading it so often over the years.  I can't really say the same, but her devotion is inspiring and has led me to commit to reading my Bible more diligently. Today's event was of particular significance for our family because it was the last Bible Sunday on which one of our children was to receive a Bible.  This means that at least one portion of the promises we made as parents at our children's baptism is being fulfilled: we are teaching them about the gospel by bringing them to Sunday school and I feel good about being faithful to that commitment.

This Sunday was also of great significance in that we commemorated the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, which means that it has been for 500 years that our Protestant traditions have been enduring - somewhat ironically, a continuity in change: reformed and always reforming, and enduring for centuries in that state.  I was thinking quite a bit about how many generations of my own family have consecutively received grade four Bibles, and lived and shared in the same stories.  It is inspiring to think of all of that history, and to think of the imperative on us from Luther and Calvin to always be contemplating positive change.

Rebecca B.