We have entered the Advent season.

We have lighted the candle of Hope.

I saw the fruits of hope in the shining eyes of my kids when I lighted the Christmas tree they have been hoping to see.

I felt the peace that hope can provide in your heart when, having written a long "to do" list on Friday (and hoping to effectively finish all on your list by the end of Sunday), you find yourself sitting in your bed and peacefully crossing things off your list.

Can we imagine how the people of God lived their day to day life (before the first coming) while waiting and hoping to see Jesus? How did they express their hopes?

And today, how do WE express the hope we have in God’s promises?

Today, we hope to have houses, jobs, children, promotions, honours, money, marriage, and so on and so forth.

Just for a moment, indeed, just for a season, just for this Advent season, I personally invite you to ONLY have the Hope of Peace, Joy, and Love.

Laurentine M.