Second Sunday of Advent

On this, the second week of Advent, we lit a candle for peace. This was done of course on Sunday morning, the morning after the church's annual "Round the World" potluck, which Rev. Dimock referred to in her sermon when she talked about family trees and how we are all part of God's family.  The sermon also referred to the lion laying down with the lamb. This made me think about how the radical ideas of Jesus relate to over-riding tribalism and going beyond the cruelty of the evolutionary survival of the fittest, about "do unto others" rather than "might makes right."

These themes resonated wonderfully with the historic commemoration of the 50 year anniversary of the ordination of women in the Presbyterian Church, with communion served entirely by women.  It was a great honour and an electric feeling to be part of this celebration of the Lord's supper and a wonderful moment to see all of the men in the sanctuary, larger then us, for the most part, and stronger, encouraging us to walk equally with them, and for us all to acknowledge the support by our church of the equality of women with men. It gave me a feeling, indeed, of peace. 

Rebecca B.