White Gift Sunday - December 18

Each year at St. Andrew's we collect books, wrap them in white paper, and donate them to a local school. This year, White Gift Sunday is December 18, when we dedicate the books we're donating. Below is a letter from the librarian of Queen Mary Public School, where our donations will be going this year.

Dear St. Andreans

Thank you so much for including Queen Mary Public School in the December 18, 2016 WHITE GIFT SUNDAY.

 We ALWAYS have a wish list for library books: 

  • Puppies and kittens (non-fiction)
  • Space (non-fiction)
  • Joke books
  • Star Wars (stories or character encyclopedias/visual dictionaries)
  • Superheroes (stories or character encyclopedias/visual dictionaries)
  • How to Draw anime or superheroes
  • Origami (easy)
  • Sports (hockey and soccer)
  • Paw Patrol
  • Barbie
  • World record books
  • Pretty much anything from the hot and new section

Thank you so very much.

Petra Alince
Librarian, Queen Mary Public School