Sunday Lunch - Sept 28

What a joyful Sunday in the life of St. Andrew's! We are one step closer to calling a minister - not quite there yet, but one step closer. Thanks be to God.

In her sermon, the minister this morning described the ways in which our communities have become fractured, and how Jesus identifies with those who have, for the most part, been cast out by society. He then shows the disciples a different, holy community - one based on welcome, on meeting the needs of others.

She urged us to think about the transformative effect that responding to someone in need can have on a community. I think this is a good message for us as we move forward in this new chapter of our life as a congregation. It is something so central to our faith. We are more than just a group of people that gathers on Sunday mornings. How are we hearing the word of Jesus by reaching out to those in need? What could we be doing to be more inclusive?

The Search Committee spent a lot of time over the past year thinking about St. Andrew's and our ministry. I think the minister we have found will help us as we continue this ministry, including striving to meet the needs of those outside of our congregation and to be inclusive.

I am so very thankful for where we are today, and I am excited to see where God is leading us.

Laura S.